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9 de agosto de 2015

INFORME DE MISIÓN Nº 75. Bailes regionales (Jan Rippl)

Piloto: Jan Rippl
Meteo: real weather by METAR, updated across flight, real time (central European)

Aeronave:  ERJ140 (payware by Dan Klaue)
Simulador: X-Plane 9 Linux version + XSquawkBox (for Vatsim) with Voice communication.

 The first time I was have some troubles with scenery in France (I removed 3 airports, 1 in France, two next in Austria). Mission was started at LEBB from terminal, where was aircraft complete refuelled (about 10 minutes via special ground service plug-in). 

Crew was a boarded in cockpit and procedures was a started. Electrical, hydraulic, power plant, lights, radios, etc. Later was a generated flight plan and was added to FMS. After I does a backup of flight plan in FMS, was send a flight plan to ATC. Steward announced a passenger, that they can coming on board. Baggage has been added too on board. If all procedures has been finished, we was a ready to taxi and ready for take off.

At 19:57Z take-off and behind of altitude 5000ft was engaged autopilot. At FL240 was a level of TMA (west Europe) where my squawk was a set on 0640 C and correctly identified by TMA. Next instruction was a directly proceed to fix waypoint PITES. After all other ATC has been offline or out of my range. Same situation was in Czech republic, where ATC (TMA, Prague radar, Prague Tower and Prague Ground was offline, if I was around EDDN. LKKV was uncontrolled.

I continue after descending near to Czech boarder to FL160 and later to Altitude 3000 for approach to runway 29 for ILS but I lost a speed and in stall I fall down a little and touched navigation runway lights with gear (bad touch and go :( ). I cancelled a landing in progress and repeat approach via local fixes again (KV29S, LOMKI, BESNO, BALTU, KV29I, KV29F, KV29P, ILS 111,55).

Next Approach has been successful, but touchdown has been little hard (lost speed again :( ) and does it small jump and fall (cca 0.5m). Reverse, and toggle gear breaks. Taxing to LKKV terminal and engine shut down, GPU connected, doors opened, and passengers (music band leave a board to LKKV hotel apartment.

Return leg:

LKKV 071830Z 09008KT CAVOK 29/12 Q1018
EDGG_CTR  changing on  DCT LIMGO
LEBB 072130Z 00000KT 9999 SCT030 BKN040 18/17 Q1023 TEMPO 3000 -RADZ BKN015
app raining at 7000
app KALDO SUNIR ROSTO LEBB ILS for Runway 12 at 2500ft
land 2253Z
Details at

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